On Thursday, February 28th, the Impact Services Veterans Department sponsored its first annual “Games Night” Tournament.  The Tournament was an amazing success.  Veterans, supported by staff from 124 E Indiana Avenue faced off against Veterans, supported by staff from 174 W Allegheny Avenue in four areas; Pool, Pinochle, Spades and  Chess.


Vets-game-2-168x300There were no Losers! Every participating Vet was a winner! The Tournament brought Veterans and staff together in a positive environment for the Veterans to enjoy. Trophies were given to each Veteran who won in the particular event they participated in.  Hoagies and Pizza, Sodas, Water and Juice were served.

Many Veterans, who are usually withdrawn and unsociable, came out to participate. It was all about the Vets. Veterans from both of Impact’s Veterans’ locations interacted with each other, encouraged each other and celebrated victory with each other.  In fact, the staff from 124 were so loud that some remarked that they thought they were cheerleaders.

Vets are still talking about the event.  Many veterans have been asking when the next tournament will take place.

While the 174 Veterans won the 1st Veterans Game Night Tournament Trophy, everyone was victorious.