About Impact Services

Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow

“To empower people in need to attain the hope, motivation and skills necessary to reach their fullest human potential and highest level of personal and family self sufficiency.”

Impact Services was established in 1974 as the first program in the Ford Foundation’s national demonstration on supported work. Jobs have been the linchpin around which Impact’s work has centered since that time. The 1979 acquisition of the defunct Down’s carpet mill provided 220,000 square feet of space that fueled Impact’s first two decades of expansion and diversification.

Impact now operates in seven locations in Philadelphia where its staff of 120 provide a range of Employment and Training, Supportive Housing, Community and Economic Development services to over 17,000 needy Philadelphians each year.

Helping TANF recipients and Ex-offenders re-entering the community to find work and become self-sufficient are service areas that also keep growing in response to community need.

Impact’s Veteran Services department, serves over 300 veterans a year, offering homeless and disadvantaged veterans one of the most comprehensive sets of housing, employment, and supportive services in the country.

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To learn more about our work or to investigate employment opportunities at Impact, please contact us.  info@impactservices.org