Aramingo Business Association and BID

Impact formed the Aramingo Ave. Business Association, in March 2005 with ten members; it began organizing the Aramingo Business Improvement District (BID) in 2006.

Aramingo Business Association (ABA) has grown to 110 businesses with 60 paid members who meet monthly.   Under Impact’s management, ABA members developed a shared vision and coordinated marketing strategy for the commercial shopping district and sponsored development of the Aramingo Business Improvement District (BID).
Banner and gateway signage projects initiated in 2011 were two outcomes of this shared vision and commitment to enhancing that area’s business environment.   ABA has convinced 6 member businesses to pay an additional $12,000 to support a three-year contract for gateway signs for the Commercial Corridor.  A new joint couponing and raffle campaign was launched for the 2011 Holiday Season.

The BID was authorized by City Council in April 2008 and started operation in April 2009, l providing cleaning, additional security, and marketing support for the area.  The initial BID budget of $262,612 increased to $318,000 in 2012.  Eight people are employed full time cleaning and working as safety ambassadors. Continued growth is expected making this important operation substantially self-sufficient.

Since Impact’s involvement on the Aramingo corridor, significant development has including construction of a new Target and Applebee’s.  More recently, development of the $45 million Aramingo Crossings complex has brought over 285 new jobs to the former industrial site of Tioga Pipe.  A new Lowe’s, Chick fil A, and Sonic opened during 2010.   A 92,000 SF Walmart and six other businesses opened in early 2012 creating another 330 jobs.

The Aramingo Crossings Shopping Center comprises of 311,132 square feet of new commercial space and has created over 600 new jobs.  Impact participated in this development effort by making a low interest loan of $600,000 of federally obtained funds into the project, running special customer service training programs funded by the Department of Labor, and worked to assure that low-income residents had a good chance of securing a fair portion of the new jobs.

During 2012, Impact worked to help area residents to land some of the 330 new jobs that were created by Walmart’s opening.

Impact is proud of the many community benefits it has created by organizing businesses, residents, and other stakeholders to work in productive and collaborative ways to make its target area a better place to live, work, and do business.