Concerned, comitted people make a difference

A thousand little kindnesses add up

Everyday you have a chance to make a difference. One of these opportunities could be helping Impact in some way.

You could list a job, teach a workshop, donate building materials or provide pro bono professional services. Your help at any number of community events or celebrations is welcome.
Almost anyone can help.

Over a single tax season, the average volunteer in our Vita Center brought over $70,000 in tax returns and tax credits into the pockets of some of Philadelphia’s neediest families. Even as an average person your time could be worth over $900/hour in community benefits! This work is one of our most powerful ways to create significant community benefit with modest training and time commitments.

If you work in corporation that supports community work, or has a United Way Campaign, you can encourage corporate support of Impact Services’ work, or donate using the United Way Campaign. Board service and advisory councils also exist for many of our projects