Housing Development

Housing builds stable lives. Housing is an engine for stabilizing lives, strengthening families and revitalizing the neighborhood economy.

Impact’s work in creating Supportive Housing has given hundreds of homeless veterans the stability and safety they need to rebuild their lives. Beginning with Hancock Manor’s 1990 conversion, Impact has produced over 115 units of housing that provide new beginnings for homeless veterans and families.

Over the last seven (7) years, Impact has developed sixty-five (65) units of affordable rental housing at 174 W Allegheny Avenue, 190 W Allegheny Avenue, 192 W Allegheny Avenue and 124 E Indiana Avenue. These units provide transitional and permanent housing for homeless veterans who are dually diagnosed (mental health and substance abuse). In addition, Impact developed the Twins at Powder Mill in the Juniata Park section of Philadelphia. The Twins are fifty (50) new homes that have been sold to low and middle income homeowners, creating a new community where once there was a blighted former industrial property.

Impact currently has one major project underway in Supportive Housing. The Impact Veterans Family Housing Project will develop twenty-six (26) units of affordable, permanent rental housing at 1952 E Allegheny Avenue.  The project has been fully funded through an award of low-income housing tax credits from the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency which has been syndicated by the National Equity Fund and purchased by TD Bank, funding from the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York, the Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh, the Home Depot Foundation and TD Bank.  Construction will start in Spring 2014 and be completed by January 2015.

In addition, Impact has future plans to renovate thirty to fifty (30-50) houses in the vicinity of the intersection of Kensington and Allegheny Avenues that will be developed as affordable homeownership, additional housing for homeless and disabled Veterans and a senior rental housing project that will include Veterans.