Impact Services kicked off its “Heart of Kensington” Neighborhood Planning initiative on Monday, July 11th at 725 E Clearfield Street. The sight, once a blight on the neighborhood, now symbolizes the efforts that neighborhood residents and community organizations can have on a block-by-block basis.  The initiative, which has short and long term goals, is made possible by a $100,000 Planning Grant from the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation. “Impact Services and our partners in a collaborative effort are going to articulate a strategy creating new opportunities for this part of Kensington”, said Casey O’Donnell, CEO of Impact Services Corporation. Partners include New Kensington CDC and HACE, among others.  We don’t own this process, we just help this process along, said O’Donnell.  On another note…the Kensington Truck made it’s debut at the event. The truck will be used for the various community events, like clean-ups, food give-aways and other charitable efforts.