Reentry / Successful Reintegration begins here…

650,000 prisoners will return to their home states each year from federal and state incarceration. 35,000 return to Philadelphia each year from federal, state, and local prisons without jobs, stable homes, or hope for the future.

Impact Service Corporation has worked with ex-offenders since 1974, and understands the challenges of reentry.  Selection as winner of Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Strengthening Families Award, and the Innovative Program Design Award from the Post-Secondary Program Network (PEPnet) has highlighted the success of this innovative work.  The ‘HOW Program’ worked with substance abusers who are ex-offenders and was recognized by The University of Pennsylvania as the most effective job-placement program for drug offenders.

Impact’s Ex-Offender/Parenting Department currently provides five programs that serve ex-offenders and one program that serves youth.

Since 2000, Impact has served 3,354 ex-offenders, and placed 1,651 in full-time employment.

The Community Service Walk-In Program provides job readiness training, placement, and job retention services to community residents who are ex-offenders, while the Access to Recovery Program offers job readiness training, life skills training, and GED preparation to individuals in recovery who are uninsured or underinsured.

Incarcerated and recently released veterans who were not dishonorably discharged from the US Military receive job readiness training and job placement, occupational training, and housing services through The Incarcerated Veterans Transition Program (IVTP).

Impact’s First Step Id Program assists 1000 inmates incarcerated in the Philadelphia Prison System each year obtain the identity documents they need to be able to receive public benefits and apply for employment.

Through its new Reintegration of Ex-offenders (RExO) Generation 5 program scheduled to begin services on October 1, 2012, Impact will provide 400 ex-offenders (200 ex-offenders per year for two years) with employment services, recognized certificate training, mentoring, participants will receive ABE/GED services, and support services such as housing, drug and alcohol counseling, and mental health counseling as needed.  Referrals will come through Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole as well as the Philadelphia Prison System and Adult Probation and Parole.

Youth Placement Program provides job placement services to out-of school youth aged 17-21.  Other services include job readiness and job search training, case management, life skills, work experience, supportive services, post-secondary application assistance and placement, and entrepreneurship workshops Referrals are through the Philadelphia Youth Network’s Out-of-School Youth WIA programs and E3 Centers.

For further information about Impact Reentry Services and Youth Placement Program, call 215-739-1600.