Loan Fund

The mission of Impact’s Loan Fund is to help create innovative products and services that will improve the economic and physical conditions of the Lower Northeast.


Since 2000, the Loan Fund has provided financing support to neighborhoods in its target area including Kensington, Port Richmond, Bridesburg, Frankford, Juanita Park, and Hunting Park. ILF works closely with other lenders to attract businesses to the target area, support area redevelopment, and finance existing business growth to create jobs for neighborhood residents.


Impact Loan fund generally funds existing businesses or businesses looking to expand. If you need to finance equipment to expand your business or fit out a new location, we are happy to speak with you about your needs. We typically do not finance startup businesses, but if we are unable to help with your needs, we can help refer you to other resources.

To inquire about financing needs or for more information, please call 215-739-1600 Ext. 137 or e-mail to